Golden Acoustics

Recording Acoustics - Gibson GuitarsUse the same math used to create The Great Pyramids, The Parthenon, and the proportions of the human body to achieve total equalization of the sonic energy in your space. Here’s why Golden Acoustics works:

We integrated two natural mathematical formulas, the Golden Section and the Fibonacci Sequence, to develop fractals, the foundation of our product line, that effectively diffuse the entire audio spectrum…the result is High Definition Acoustics.

The Golden Section
The Greeks knew it as the Golden Section. The Renaissance artists knew it as the Divine Proportion. As early as 500 B.C., Pythagoras proved that it was the basis for the proportions of the human body. It was used to create the great pyramids of Egypt, the Greek Parthenon, Notre Dame and numerous Renaissance paintings including DaVinci’s Last Supper.

What is the Golden Section? It is a line segment divided into two parts…a long and a short part…where the ratio of the short part to the long part is the same as the ratio of the long part to the whole. This ratio…1 : 1.618 has very special properties.

It is a key design element in the creation of our Golden Acoustic product line.

Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci was born in Pisa, Italy in 1175. While studying the great pyramid Ghiza of Egypt, Fibonnaci developed the now famous numeric “Fibonacci Sequence”. The Fibonnaci numbers are 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34…(add the last two to get the next number) This number sequence leads to the “golden section” numbers which leads to the divine proportion of 1.618.

Theory of operation of the Golden Section diffusion panels
There are many types and forms of diffusion. Basically any non-flat shape or form will diffuse some frequencies if it has sufficient mass. In order for a diffuser to work efficiently it needs to weigh at least 4 pounds per square foot. This means that diffusers made of plastic do not work very well. An ideal diffuser array would scatter the full spectrum of sound, (acoustic energy) from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz in all directions with equal efficiency.

The basic or fundamental geometric shape that is used in our Golden Section Diffusers is the Cone. Curved surfaces reflect sound in a non-uniform manner. This means the angle of incidence does not equal the angle of reflection. A conical form reflects sound in a non-linear, non-uniform manner because the radius is constantly changing over its height. By contrast a cylinder reflects sound non-uniformly but is linear (the same) throughout its height. A cone is also significantly different than a hemisphere, which has its own form of non-uniformity, but is limited in its non-linearity.

We have taken one of natures most ideal geometric forms for reflecting, the cone, and split it in half vertically, then one half is spilt in half again or quartered. This quartered section is inverted, mated to itself, and then reattached to the half cone on its side. The proportioning of each cone component follows the golden section. This creates fractal geometry.

Fractals are objects, which have scalable, repeatable properties. So, the unique form that our diffusion panels are based on is an organically derived, balanced fractal based on a triad of the golden section. The sizings of these golden section fractals are such that each size has a specific frequency range, proportioned using a Fibonacci sequence, so that they diffuse all sound waves. The fractals are then positioned and rotated, in relationship to one another creating an array. This is done to utilize one of nature’s most profound ratios to reflect the full audio spectrum in the most efficient manner possible. Our broadband diffusers, depending on their method of installation can diffract the full audio spectrum, from 20 Hz to the upper limit of hearing, 20Khz.

All our products are able to be back-filled with sound absorbing material. This can be done with mineral wool, fiberglass or poly-foam. This allows for an inexpensive method to control reverberation times for any given space. Adding a diaphragmatic absorber to any of our diffusion products can give more bass control.

Recording Acoustics - Gibson GuitarsRecording Acoustics - Gibson GuitarsRecording Acoustics - Gibson Guitars

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