Whisper Walls

Whisper Walls Site-Fabricated Acoustical Panel Systems

Cinema AcousticsSite-fabricated, or stretched-fabric, systems employ a plastic fabric-tensioning track to stretch fabrics over an acoustical, tackable, or diffusive core making large monolithic shapes, curvilinear designs, and irregular spaces no problem. Since site-fabricated systems are literally built right on the wall or ceiling, you get a hand-tailored fit and finish every time.

The Whisper Walls system, in our opinion, provides the greatest number of tools for the designer. They have created many different fabric-tensioning track options. For example, the Whisper Walls ¼” ½”, and 1” integral reveals tracks make reveals within the panel system available in virtually any finish desired.

At Vermont Technical College’s Judd Hall, the architect wanted the acoustical panels to have 1” horizontal and ¼” vertical reveal of clear maple.

This diagram shows a section view of the Whisper Walls 1” and ¼” reveal tracks, and the solid maple reveal inserted into the reveal cavity. The result was a seamless tie in between the acoustical panels and the solid maple panels inside the auditorium.

The below photos from our Judd Hall project illustrate the finished product.